Thursday, July 29, 2010

Authors On The Rise Interviews Jaree Francis


Authors On The Rise is happy to bring you an interview from Jaree Francis. He is the author of Metra City: Destiny’s Kiss. Enjoy!

AOTR:Please tell us about yourself and your debut novel?

Jaree: I am Jaree Francis and my debut novel is Metra City: Destiny's Kiss. It may sound somewhat romantic...It's actually the tale of four young men who are drifting in different directions as they embark on their individual destinies. There's love dipped in acid, hidden truths revealed, pain & pleasure playing nice together, and a grand set-up for much more to come.

AOTR: Where did the ideal for this book come from?

Jaree: Long ago, it was already written for me to write such a story. I read Donald Goines work and I was fascinated. If I ever meet him on another level, I'll tell him that he made it easier for me to fulfill a dream by writing my own novel. The idea was birthed from a desire to tell a story that showed the light and the darkness; black and white photos are some of the best photos you can have. And this is what I present to you, the reader.

AOTR: What was the writing process like? Did you have to outline or did the characters just come to you?

Jaree: The writing process was trying...Initially. Even though it was in my DNA to put it together it became a matter of how. Do I kill the reader softly or is the book a firestorm from the introduction? The outline can be a guide and I realized that so I turned off the GPS. I let the story flow; an unrehearsed speech on life, death, love, prosperity, and poverty. As far as the characters, they always come to me...Always waiting for further instruction.

AOTR: What makes your book different?

Jaree: Running along the same vein as a lot of other urban novels, the characters drive the story. The discerning factor is the uniqueness of the characters I have presented. Nimrod is an atheist, no shame about it at all. I present a femme fatale by the name of Tara who's quite a piece of work; the female characters stand out. The male leads are interesting folks as well and there's quite a bit of unconventional minds at work so the story plays along with extreme unpredictability. My novel has terms never heard before until now. I keep it rather fresh so you can inhale the literature at your own pleasure.

AOTR: Does your book deal with any important social issues?

Jaree:: You can bet that; gang life is widely discussed within the novel, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and homosexuality. Domestic violence is briefly mentioned as well. Part of the problem with the world is that so many things are considered taboo to mention. The uninformed mind can be a rather dangerous thing.

AOTR: Why should a reader pick your book next?

Jaree: My book is an excellent introduction to me as a writer. The average person may figure that they don't need to get familiar with me. Who is Jaree Francis? He doesn't ring any bells and I'm busy with my books anyway. Regardless of how anyone feels, the fact is that I'm putting something together. I'm constructing a world of fresh characters, fluid dialogue, unique scenarios, and it all starts with Metra City: Destiny's Kiss. This is only the beginning. I always say it's more comfortable riding shotgun than on the bandwagon.

AOTR: What aspects of your own life are woven into your book?

Jaree: My passion for lyrics & poetry is expressed. Other than that, I really took a seat in the director's chair with the novel. I digress from interweaving myself into stories because it gives rise to bias.

AOTR: Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Jaree: I could get in trouble answering that ;)

AOTR: If you were not an author, what would be your dream career?

Jaree: Good question. I'm looking towards a career in the film industry. I will provide more details as they become available.

AOTR: What do you hope to accomplish in the literary world?

Jaree: As I evolve as a writer, my answer will most likely evolve as well. At the moment, I want people to realize that urban fiction isn't a garbage genre. There will always be sub-par stories being told in any form of literature, that doesn't mean all of them are. Although this should be common knowledge, it seems that it needs to be reinforced. With any genre, you have to be selective in what you read. Sampling it, determining by the synopsis if you want to carry on. I am a part of a movement to redefine urban fiction/street lit.

AOTR: How can readers contact you? +

AOTR: We wish you much success!

Jaree’s 10 favorite things

Fried food: Okra looks good on the menu

Soda: A & W Root Bear. Throw some ice cream in it if you got any.

Sports: Basketball/Football/occasionally baseball....And good ol' UFC

Quote: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” How enchanting is that?

Teacher: Abdul Shakur is a light bearer

Shoe: Nike has an exceptional selection

Color: Black

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Authors On The Rise Interviews Ja'Nese Dixon

Authors On The Rise Is pleased to bring you an interview by talented author Ja’Nese Dixon. She is the author of Black Diamond. Enjoy!

AOTR: Please tell us about yourself and your books.

Dixon: “I am a mother and wife. I started writing poetry in elementary school and it morphed into writing short stories. Later in life, I used my newly found love of Flash Fiction to reignite my love for writing. Now, a couple of years later, I’m the proud author of my first novel, “Black Diamond”.
“Black Diamond” is about Camille Blackwell, an undercover FBI agent, planted in a distribution company suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds.

AOTR: Why did you write your book and what was the inspiration that made you complete it?

Dixon: I wrote the book as a participant in NANOWRIMO. My kids and I decided to compete and after 30 days I had the first draft of “Black Diamond”.
The story inspired me to work and re-work my manuscript. The first draft was hard, but dedicating the time to finish my story took a lot of time.

AOTR: Are there any important social issues your characters faced or discussed in your book?

Dixon: Yes, my story shares some of the woes of conflict diamond trafficking.

AOTR: Who was your favorite character in your book and why?

Dixon: That’s like asking if I have a favorite child. (smile) However, if I had to select one it would be Talib Kamwi. He’s my villain, but his internal struggles and rough edge made him easy to write. I enjoyed it.

AOTR: What do you hope a reader will take away after closing your book?

Dixon: My hope is that readers will close the book knowing more about the plight of people affected by conflict diamonds and how our personal choices can adversely involve people around us.

AOTR: With so many books in the market, what sets your book apart?

Dixon: The lessons hidden between the covers. I did extensive research over international rebel groups, conflict diamonds, the diamond industry in South Africa and international legislation. But in the end, my book is about the characters and their attempts to live with their choices.

AOTR: What projects are you working on now?

Dixon: I am working on “Intoxicated”. It’s a sexy tale about love in the limelight--love bore out of being flawed.
The plot is lighter than “Black Diamond” because nothing is sexier than R&B music. (smile) It introduces readers to Marques, a R&B singer and the first story in my Star Status series.

Aaron “Marques” Carter, known to his adoring fans as Marques, is an acclaimed R&B singer and songwriter determined to reach icon status in the music industry without the interference of love.

Brione Alexander, a beautiful headstrong law student, is a pro at keeping men at a distance. “Once bitten, twice shy” should be her motto. Time has shown her that men cannot be trusted!

A chance meeting between the R&B sensation and the relationship phobic sets in motion an electrifying union that can rescue both Aaron and Brione from themselves.

AOTR: What keeps you typing and creating books? Is there a person, place, or thing that inspires you to do what you do?

Dixon: Characters keep me typing. For instance, “Black Diamond” first came to me in a dream. I’m inspired by reading and books. I can clearly remember key points in my life and reading has always been an instrumental part of my life.

AOTR: Finish this sentence. Twenty years from now I hope to have accomplished.... in my writing career.

Dixon: having my stories as a part of a college curriculum and on the big screen.

AOTR: How can readers contact you?

Dixon: My website:
My email: info (at) janesedixon (dot) com
My book page on Facebook:
My Twitter address:

AOTR: We wish you success!

Ja'Nese's ten favorite things:

Fruit – Gala apples

Season - Fall

Restaurant – Gringos Mexican Restaurant

Actor – I’m loving the Smith family. (I’m sorry for cheating.) Black love and strong, talented children. I love it.

Food – Pizza

Author – Beverly Jenkins

Movie – “Pretty Woman” and “Legally Blond” (I can’t name one…)

Social networking site – Facebook (urgh…addictive)

Accessory – sexy shoes

Time of day – About 2 am…I’m a vampire