Monday, December 6, 2010

Book Pick For December

Authors On The Rise Book Pick For December Is: "Pious" by Kenn Bivins

Five out of five stars for "Pious", a novel by Kenn Bivins.


Mechi Lane is a family oriented neighborhood that anyone would be proud to reside in.
The people in this close knit community look out for one another and are hardworking and sociable. However, behind the facades and closed doors, the citizens are not who they portray themselves to be.

Carpious Mightson is the cornerstone in this loving community. To his neighbors, he is a man of integrity. He is a role model and father figure to his girlfriend Sydney’s eight-year old son, Solomon. He’s even known to extend a helping hand with his neighbor’s daughter Haleigh. But when his cunning ex wife Alethea returns, and a registered sex-offender move onto Mechi lane, Carpious well hidden past is in jeopardy of being exposed; and he will do whatever he must do in order to stop it.

Debut author, Kenn Bivins, has penned a solid, engaging novel. This book had me enthralled by the suspenseful cliffhangers. Just when I would be about to put the book down (Due to everyday life issues) something would occur that would keep me glued to the pages. I wanted to see how Mr. Bivins would tie everything up. At first, I did not understand why Carpious behaved in the manner that he did, but then the author gave us a glimpse into his turbulent past that was a real tear jerker. It made me understand why Carpious did what he did, no matter how heartless it seemed.

The secondary cast of characters was exciting to read about too. Alethea made me laugh with her realistic dialogue. I enjoyed the story with Lela too. I rooted for her and applauded her at the end of the novel for making the decisions she did. I do hope the author will bring Lela and Alethea back in another book so I can see what became of them.

I highly recommend Pious. It is an outstanding novel that will make you meditate on who you are, or are pretending to be long after the last word.

Reviewed by AOTR book reviewer: Christi Baker


Carpious Mightson is not who he appears to be, wearing the guise of a handsome leader of virtue. He seems friendly, loving, hard working, and God-fearing. Little do his neighbors, co-workers, and girlfriend know that almost two decades ago, he was serving a twenty-year sentence for murder.

When Ian Kaplan, a registered sex-offender, moves into the family-friendly community of Mechi Lane, the home owner’s association “volunteers” Carpious to compel Ian to put his house back on the market and leave.

While Carpious is struggling to maintain his secret, Alethea Mightson, Carpious’ addict ex-wife, resurfaces in an attempt to get money from him. In her desperation, she threatens to expose his past to everyone if he doesn’t comply.

A new murder occurs as Carpious’ composure begins to spiral out of his control, and all that he has built threatens to topple. Will the consequences of new sins expose the old ones? (less)


Kenn Bivins is an Art Director at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. He has worked as an illustrator and designer in many mediums that include comics, magazines, animation, and interactive media. Even though his background is layered in the arts, Kenn has always been a writer.

He states, “Even if I’m simply illustrating a cat, there is a story in my head about that cat – how he moves, why his tail is so bushy, whether he sleeps on a windowsill or under a bed, and so on. Words aren’t the only means to tell a story.”

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