Friday, March 11, 2011

AOTR Interviews Tamika Newhouse

AOTR is happy to bring you an interview with Tamika Newhouse. Tamika is doing so many wonderful things in the literary community. Please show your support by visiting her website and purchasing her books! Also listen to her talk show and follow her on twitter.

AOTR: Tell us about you and your book.

Tamika: Cookie A Fort Worth Story synopsis: Born Latoya James, when starting high school, Cookie believes this is her time to stand out from underneath her sister's shadow. Always declared the odd one, she makes it her mission to be noticed by anyone who will pay attention. Reality starts to settle in when she realizes life isn't always peaches and cream. After witnessing the rape of her best friend, and then the death of one of her classmates, she starts to believe life isn't what she thought it would be. Sex, drugs, catering to her new demons, and hanging out with the older crowd become her escape, and not even her high school sweetheart can steer her straight. It isn't until she realizes everyone around her is not who they seem to be when she decides to change her life. But when she experiences an unwanted pregnancy and the death of her mother, Cookie is left to wonder if this is the way her life will always be. Based on a true story, Cookie is a gripping tale of a teen girl who had to grow up sooner than later. Taking place in one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Fort Worth, witness the life of Cookie and her quest to be loved, appreciated, and wanted. You will soon discover life is never what it seems.

AOTR: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Tamika: I knew I loved to write in the third grade when I was assigned by my English teacher to write a short story. I knew then that I wanted to write.

AOTR: What inspired you to write your first book?

Tamika: I had been in the lowest points in my life and everything was going wrong. To escape the problems of my life I started to write. It was my way of healing.

AOTR: Was it difficult to write or easy?

AOTR: It was very easy to write; it’s like entertainment for me. I am reading the book as I write so I want to know what’s going to happen next so I have to keep writing; it’s a drug when I’m writing my books.

AOTR: How did you go about creating your characters?

Tamika: I knew I wanted realistic women who had their options of playing the field. I got tired of reading about women being cheated on and becoming depressed. We all aren’t like that some can move just as quickly as a man can.

AOTR: Did you struggle with any of your characters, or did they just speak to you?

Tamika: Not at all, it was very easy. They become my friends and I become engrossed in their life.

AOTR: What was your writing process like? Did you outline or just write naturally?

Tamika: I do some note taking but I rarely do a precise time line. There are things I want to make note of to remember to place in the book. Now if and when I place it in the book is always unknown.

AOTR: In a few words tell an interested reader why they should read your book next.

Tamika: If you want a realistic book with realistic people, I am the author for you. You get lost in my books because you know someone in my stories.

AOTR: What are you working on now?

Tamika: I am writing Cookie Too Lyric’s song the follow up to my Independence Day release Cookie

AOTR: What do you hope to accomplish in the literary world?

Tamika: I want to be known as one of the leading writers.

AOTR: When you are not crafting novels what do you like to do?

Tamika: I am a publisher, radio host, and mother. I am always doing something.

AOTR: How can readers contact you?

Tamika: http://www.tamikanewhouse

Follow on Twitter and FB @tamikanewhouse

AOTR: Thanks Tamika for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you continued success!

Tamika's Ten favorite things:

Chips~ Fire hot Fritos

Season- Spring and fall cause the weather is not hot or cold

Holiday ~Independence Day we get to eat, wear small amount of clothes and be around family.

Television show ~ The Game

Song ~ hard one I guess I’ll say Aaron Hall when you need me

Past time ~Home with my Mama any setting will do

Social networking site

Author ~ Zuri Day

City ~I love DC

Time of day~ Night

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