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AOTR is happy to bring you an Interview with the talented, AUBRIANNA HUNTER. Please show support by buying the author's book(s) or sharing this interview. Thanks in advance!

 Please give the readers a brief Bio on you the person and tell us about yourself.

Hunter: I am 38, almost 39. Married to a Navy Chief, mother of two amazing kids. I live in the suburbs with my family and two Golden Retrievers, who are far more well known in our neighborhood than I am. I love holistic medicine, yoga, meditation. I am a gluten free vegan. However, I wear mostly black, including black or purple lipstick. My friend says I am a hippie in Goth clothing.

 When did you begin writing?

 HUNTER: I know the expected answer is 'I've been writing all my life', and I guess in some ways that's true. I used to write poetry, back in high school. I even one a poetry contest my Senior year. But I've never been much of a journal kind of girl, nor had I ever written short stories. I had always been good at things like college papers, and even speeches and debate, but that was it. I started really writing when I wrote my first book.

What pushed you to write your book?

HUNTER: I actually started writing because I had read a series of really terrible books all in a row. I had read everything by my favorite authors, and just couldn't seem to find anything I didn't hate. So, when I dreamed up a rather creative love scene... I decided I might as well give it a shot. Basically, I liked the stories playing in my head better than what I was reading. My friend and neighbor was a huge boost. She and I like the same authors, so she encouraged me to write. She read my first two books before anyone else ever saw them, even my husband. And she's the one that finally convinced me to attempt to get them published.

How did you come up with the characters in your book?

HUNTER: Usually, one of the characters will pop into my head in a dream. In this case, it was Gia. I could see her as clear as day. It took me a couple days to kind of flesh out her personality, using a couple different influences. Her history is based loosely on a friend, her tattoos are based on my neighbor, her clothing choices are all me! Once she was fairly well developed, I just matched her with the type of person I figured would be enough to scare her, to shake her out of her own comfort zone... And Josh was born.

Were the characters and writing the story easy for you, or did you have to outline and do research?

HUNTER: This particular book was actually very easy. Though I live in SoCal, I have a few friends that live in the Sacramento area and I have been there many times. So, the area was a real place. I changed a few things, like business names, and even added a tattoo shop, but the place was real enough I didn't have to research too much. And the characters were oddly easy in this book. That is usually the case. I will think about a character for weeks or months, until they are as real in my head as my next door neighbor. Once I really know them, writing the book, being comfortable with their dialogue, that's easy and goes pretty quickly.

How long did it take you to complete your book? Will there be a sequel. If so, when do you plan to release it?

HUNTER: Once I actually started writing, it was complete in a couple of months. I actually deleted about eight thousand words two days before it was due, and rewrote the entire ending. I had planned an ending, and wrote it out just the way I had originally envisioned it, but it felt forced, and just very, very wrong to me. So I hesitated to send it to the publisher. Finally, the night before I was supposed to submit it, I deleted it all and rewrote the whole ending. I actually left a party because I had finally figured out what was bugging me about it.

Yes, there is a sequel... I am hoping to be finished by early April. It will be called Hidden Desires... it's Deb's story. A spinoff from Hidden Depths. As for release date, I am hoping May, but I have to finish writing it first!

After reading your book, what do you hope the reader will take away?

HUNTER: With any luck, a few new ideas for the bedroom! Sorry... probably inappropriate, right? In all seriousness, my books are intended to be lighthearted entertainment. If I do it right, I may tug on some heartstrings, possibly bring a little tear to your eye, but you pick it up knowing there will be a happy ending. When they finish the books, I hope the reader feels satisfied with the couple, and happy knowing they finally got it right.

Has anything about the publishing Industry surprised you?

HUNTER: I can't say anything has surprised me, because I honestly had no idea what to expect to begin with. However, I can definitely say I have learned a lot in the last two years. It has been periods of chaos, blended with periods of absolute stagnation. I honestly still feel like I have no idea what to expect next.

Would you like to share a few things you learn while in the publishing industry?

HUNTER: Hmmm... tough question. I guess, if pressed, I would just say to be choosy. Make sure you are comfortable with your publishing house, with their art department, with your contract, and definitely with your editor. I have had a few editors, and have found that it makes an enormous difference.

If you could write a book together with any author, dead or alive, who would it be?

HUNTER: Well, I am actually coauthoring a series with Jeremy Laszlo right now, called The Beyond trilogy. Having had that experience, I would definitely say it would have to be someone you get along with on a personal level. It is a lot more intimate in some ways than I would have expected it to be. So... another author... Maybe Kresley Cole. I love her books, and I have to believe that the sarcasm and humor she uses is representative of her personality, which means it would be a ton of fun!

If your book was made into a movie, what actors would you choose for the characters? Why?

HUNTER: Appearance wise, probably Emmy Rossum... she has the right features for how I see Gia, but personality and character, more Pauley Perrette. Abby is my absolute favorite TV character of all time! Or maybe... Selena Gomez? For Josh... Well, I really haven't thought about it, but maybe Paul Wesley, or Jensen Ackles. They have the right look, though Josh's hair is a bit darker. But they each have that kind of clean cut, all American, ridiculously handsome thing going for them.

Besides writing, what are some of your other talents and hobbies?

HUNTER: Hobbies? You mean, I'm supposed to have time for a hobby? LOL... With kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and writing, I am usually plenty busy. However, I do make time to work out. I love Yoga, and my current favorite is Brazilian Butt Lift. Absolutely love it! I'm also moderately creative in the kitchen, so I like to try new recipes when I have time.

What words of wisdom do you have for aspiring authors?

HUNTER: It probably will sound like a stock answer, but honestly, just be true to yourself. Find a tone that you like, let a little of your personality shine through your characters, make sure that you are happy with what you've written, then stand by it. If you try to mimic someone else, you aren't really writing your story.

What current projects are you working on? Will you be attending any events, book fairs or have any book signings?

HUNTER: Current projects; I have a few... Hidden Desires, the follow up to Hidden Depths. Book three of the Beyond trilogy I am coauthoring. A follow up to You Can't Go Home Again is also in the works, telling Nina's story. I have another book I am writing right now, Written in Lust is the working title although that may change, and two others started that just got benched because my brain is overwhelmed. LOL.

I will actually be at the Comicpalooza in Houston, TX Memorial Day weekend, and I am also going to try to get to Authors After Dark convention in August in Georgia. Oh, and Parafest in September in Pennsylvania probably.

Where can readers find more information on you and your work?

HUNTER: The best way to keep up with me is to follow me or friend me on Facebook. I post a lot on there. Also, all my books are available on Amazon. If it's not in print already, then it will be soon.

 AUBRIANNA'S ten favorite things:

Shoes: Either my Doc Marten boots, or platform sandals... black of course.

Season: Fall... Everything is green and gorgeous and the weather is nice without being too cold. Plus it rains!

Food: It's a toss-up between soup and pizza.

Song: Wow... Okay, let's go with Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit. That may be different tomorrow. Oh, or Hotel California.

Fruit: Blueberries.

Day of the week: Sunday... Lazy, relaxed, coffee and family time.

Friend/why? Melinda... My BFF since high school. Love her!

Radio station: 95.5 KLOS - Wide variety

Blog: Probably Erotica Book Club on Facebook... Great books, hot photos.

Holiday: Fourth of July.

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