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Authors On The Rise Interviews Author M.G. Hardie

Authors On The Rise is happy to bring you an interview with Author M.G. Hardie, who is known for his realness and speaking on taboo topics most won't.
Hardie is regarded as one of the foremost American minds for Real Political Analyst and Social Commentary. Hardie is known as an expert on Race, Pop-Culture, and Hip-Hop. He is a public intellectual, visionary, and student of human nature. He advocates equality, social justice, and personal responsibility. Hardie's debut book,EveryDay Life, was named The Best Kept Literary Secret of 2008 as well as winning a Reader Views Literary award in Humor and a Afr'Am Literary award for Urban Title of the Year 2009.

Dee Dee: When did you first start writing?

M.G: I began writing in high school. I am a poet by nature-something that really comes out in my newest book, It Ain't Just The Size.

Dee Dee: Why did you write your books,Everyday Life and It Ain't Just The Size?

M.G: I wrote EveryDay Life to give real men a voice in the market. I wrote It Ain't Just The Size because I was tired of hearing that blacks don't read, black literature has little value, men don't have feelings, or that black women are hated. I had enough of the one sided discussions between men and women. So I wrote these books to help people, to bring people together and to bring about a greater understanding. And because my new book is filled with truth, it can be a tool that can help people approach those difficult discussions.

Dee Dee: How do you come up with the ideals for your stories?

M.G: For my new book I spoke to and had discussions with various people and then I interweaved truth into the story. All of my stories and characters are based on things that have occurred in the lives of real people, but as I drive the story the characters confront some really tough issues. The situations discussed in the book actually occurred.

Dee Dee: What sets you apart from other writers/authors?

M.G: I think that all writers are unique. It Ain't Just The Size tackles some very tough questions, questions that no one else will touch. I am trying something new, and bringing something different to the literary table. I packed my new book with all kinds of literary goodness because times are hard, so I decided to give the reader more bang for their buck. When a reader finishes reading It Ain't Just The Size, not only will they be treated to a great love story, but at the same time they will get some great poetry as well, plus they will be compelled to go out and pick up about 20 other books to read.

Dee Dee: What do you want people to take away after finishing your books?

M.G: I want people to feel entertained, empowered, and have a better understanding of themselves and people they may be in a relationship with. To understand that men do not hate women, that men do not want to be single, that men have feelings, that men can and want to love. I want readers to see what happens when men and women finally start being really honest with themselves. And that each of us needs to be our own advocate, we can make a difference, we do matter.

Dee Dee: What words of advice do you have for aspiring authors?

M.G: Write your emotions out and study your craft.

Dee Dee: What advice would you give to authors struggling with rejection?

M.G: Be persistence and continue to strive toward your goal.

Dee Dee: Have you ever suffered from writers block?

Dee Dee: Yes I have.

Dee Dee: How did you get over it?

M.G: Oh, that answer is in the new book and it will surprise you.

Dee Dee: When do you like to write?

M.G: You can always find me with post-its in my pockets, or jotting down lines on the cell phone. You never know when inspiration may strike.

Dee Dee: What aspects of writing do you like and hate the most?

M.G: I love being creative, painting pictures and molding sentences.
But I hate the publishing process. The Cover, the editing, the racialism, and the politics of the business.

Dee Dee: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you much success with your books! Be Blessed!

M.G's 10 favorite things:

Color: Brown and Blue

T.V Sitcom: Martin, Seinfeld,

C.D. The Chronic

Food: Anything with Barbecue

Drink: White Russian

Favorite Past-time: Playing Basketball, Poetry, Comedy, Speaking, Activism

Book: The Cartoon History of the World

Clothing: Casual, Sports clothes

Movie: The Lion King

City: San Francisco

Motto: There's no such thing, as too much Truth.

It Ain't Just The Size




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