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Authors On The Rise Interviews Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

Authors On The Rise is pleased to bring you an interview with Shalonda “Treasure Williams- a woman of purpose. We are proud to interview her and talk about her mission, upcoming books, and her ten favorite things.

Dee Dee: When did you write your first book? What inspired you to write it?

Shalonda: I began writing a few books, lol. But, the first book to see publication was written in 2007. This was "Love Walk Meditations: Back To The Basics". What inspired me to write this book was My Great Creator. There has always been something on the inside of me that's loved to help uplift others. My conclusion was that God had placed it there since my beginning, so as I watched others touch with words, I felt compelled to do it as well. In my own way and with what God gave me.

Dee Dee: What message do you want people to take away after reading one of your books?

Shalonda: A message of love and hope. The first two books were all about one group of people; the Christian body. However, the more God grows me up the more my heart is touched for the masses of hurting people. I asked to see others the way God does and I was so moved by what I saw when I got my head out of the clouds. People hurt, people need comfort and uplifting. I was born to do that and that's what they should feel when they are done reading one of my books.

Dee Dee: Which of your books is your favorite and why?

Shalonda: Currently, I have a favorite in formatting and I have a favorite in message. "A Heart's Thoughts" is my baby because I put it all together from beginning to end and it was the one I self-published first. I am so proud. I love my approach in it as well and the message it gives. I love "PurposeFull You" because it is the start of who I am as a complete person. A motivator and a lover of people. Now, to be totally honest, I believe that the one that is turning out to be my most favorite is the one that I will release on April 30th entitled "Let's 'GO'. It is a combination of the two. Self published with such a powerful message, filled with care but TRUTH!

Dee Dee: How long does it take you to write a book?

Shalonda: It honestly depends on how focused I am on that particular project. The times vary seeing as I'm never working on one thing at a time. LOL!

Dee Dee: You speak a lot on purpose, do you believe everyone has one?

Shalonda: I do! I do! I do! If I could marry that thought, I would. Why? Because, when a person is helped to understand how vital the "smallest" role is, the better off we all are. When a person is made to see that what they bring to the table is needed, they do their part with a whole lot more excellence. The camera person is just as important as the news anchor. If it weren't for the one doing the taping, who would see the anchor. Yes, everyone is purposed to play their role and do it BIG!!

Dee Dee: Do you think people are born writers or is it something that can be taught?

Shalonda: Both. I have always had a natural ability with writing certain things. However, there are others that have learned the formula for writing and have made great strides. Now, writing something that is so dynamic that it takes the world by storm, takes a little of both.

Dee Dee: Name three people who inspired you/Why?

Shalonda: Tyler Perry and others like him- Because I listened to his story and I admire how a man can spend his savings on a project that flops and then pick his self right back up and keep pushing.
Jesus(Yashua) - After learning more about him, I realize the message that he was purposed to give us. I can recognize what I possess. I can love everyone without bias or judgment, because that's what he did.
My mom(Agnes) - She worked, she gave, but most of all she remained humble. People took who she was as a sign that they could run her over but she stood and remained a woman that didn't let others steal her cheerfulness.

Dee Dee: What inspires you to continue writing?

Shalonda: The fact that there are so many more that need to read what God births out of me. Everything I write will not be for everyone, but those who are feeling it, was meant to read it and it is meant to change their lives.

Dee Dee: Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to find out I am...

Shalonda: Very mushy. LOL! Everyone sees this no nonsense woman. That part of me is real. But, so is the fact that I cry at the drop of a dime. Especially when I'm fighting for a cause.

Dee Dee: Where do you hope to be with your writing ten years from now?

Shalonda: I will have at least ten best sellers. I see myself standing behind the table at one of my seminars and conferences, signing books with a message that is true to each individual. I do that even now. I pray for a message for each individual that will speak volumes to their heart and circumstance.

Dee Dee: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. We wish you much success. Continue to inspire! Be Blessed!

Shalonda's favorite:

Holiday - Christmas

Animal - A cat by the name of Mickey

Plant - Bradford Pear (A tree that changes from flowers to spring leaves to fall leaves. Cool!)

Movie - SO Many. I love a lot (Brown Sugar, Philadelphia, Green Mile, The Notebook, etc.)

Song - "India's Song" "Praise Him In Advance" "Our God is An Awesome God" "I Am Not My Hair"

Actor - Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington & actresses - Angela Basset & Ceciley Tyson

Teacher when you were in school - Mrs. Morgan from 6th grade

Spiritual quote - "No weapon formed against thee shall prosper"

Dessert - Hot Dutch Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream

Car - JEEP Commander

Bio: Author, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, Shalonda "Treasure" Williams, was born in Savannah, GA in 1981. Now the privileged mother of four, she comes from a line up of eleven siblings. As the youngest, Shalonda has decided to break out and live with a cap of purpose that is to help lift other to the 'GO' position. That is the position of Get Over to Get On with life. Shalonda is the author of three published works. Including two in her Love Walk Meditations Series and the starter to her Love Walk Motivation Series. In her upcoming books, this author will journey with those that need her slight nudging into knowing just how purposed and powerful they are. Shalonda is the Founder and Owner of Love Walk Motivation Services where her mission is to uplift and motivate through the power of love and compassion.


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  1. Love your inspiration for writing, Ms Shalonda! Nice interview. Let's GO sounds great; I will have to purchase that before summer's end.

    - Jay